When it comes to protecting your car from dents, I get asked often, will applying ceramic coating to my car protect me from door dings? In order to answer that question properly, let’s first understand what ceramic coatings are. There are many ceramic coatings on the market today.

Some name brands are Avalon King Armor Shield, Carpro Cquartz, and Ceramic Pro along with many others. Ceramic Pro seems to one of the most popular.


Coatings aren’t wax.  Coatings are not designed to make a car totally invincible to damage but they provide a layer of protection against UV and debris while allowing longer intervals between detailing compared to using wax as a finishing product. Wax typically lasts only 2 to 3 weeks at best. 

Ceramic coatings are the most versatile that can be applied to a vehicle with good protective characteristics. Unlike wax, a coating can last well over a year. It also has amazing clarity and shine while requiring minimal maintenance. A weekly wash is all that is required to maintain a glossy appearance. No polishing or waxing is required monthly.

Coatings are designed to be hydrophobic and resistant to debris but it doesn’t make them totally infallible to scratches caused by abuse such as vandalism or intentional scratching. Ceramic Pro coatings are formulated to be tough enough to withstand most of the common elements that car owners have to face with daily driving.  Ceramic Pro coating will cover the bulk of your protective needs.


So getting back to the question, will Ceramic Pro protect your car from door dings and minor dents? No, it won’t. However, dents can be repaired with paintless dent repair or “PDR” without any problem at all. I work on many cars with Ceramic Pro on them, and they look great just like they did before.

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