Here are a few stories from some recent dents and door dings I’ve repaired. And hey, Danville clients, you sure have had more than your share of dents lately! It’s funny to me (but not to car owners with dents and door dings, I’m sure), how my dent removal clients seem to call in clusters. One week most of my calls will be from the Danville, Blackhawk, and Alamo areas, and the next week I’ll get several calls from Walnut Creek. I’m not complaining–that beats driving from Livermore to Walnut Creek, then back to Pleasanton, and some weeks are like that, too.

Keep in mind that if I’m not planning to be in your East Bay location when you need an estimate, you can email photos of  your car to me and I can usually give you a good estimate by phone or email that way.

Now for a few of the many reasons I have done dent repairs this past week:

  • One client had rented a car without paying for the car rental insurance. She parked the car at an office building, and came out to find a sizable dent in the vehicle, with no note from whoever had hit her rental car. By having me repair the dent, she paid a fraction of what the body shop price would have been when she returned the car and avoided an insurance claim against her own insurance.
  • Another client’s wife was away on business, and he decided to drive her cherished BMW to the store.  As he walked toward the car with his bags in hand, he watched helplessly as a runaway shopping cart slammed into his wife’s car door and left a noticeable ding. The client wanted to turn the hands of time back to a time when the door ding was never even there, and he wouldn’t have to see the disappointment on his wife’s face when she saw it. This client knew my reputation for quality dent-repair on high-end vehicles, and he was quite satisfied with the outcome. I restored the car door to new condition, and his wife was none the wiser!
  • Another client was selling his classic sports car and he wanted to get all the dents out before showing it to prospective buyers. He knew that his $85 investment to remove a small, but obvious ding could net him another $200 – $300 from picky buyers who would use any excuse to reduce the price of the car.

And here is yet another before-and-after photo of a Lexus dent repair by Diablo Dents –the best PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) service in the East Bay (or anywhere, actually!):


Before and after photo Lexus dent repair




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