Mercedes Benz Pleasanton ShowroomAfter visiting Mercedes Benz of Pleasanton the other day to repair a few dents and dings in their pre-owned Mercedes, and after hearing about their exciting new expansion that is now underway, I was so impressed that I wanted to share the news with our visitors. At the risk of sounding like a Mercedes Benz ad, I’ve gotta tell you that I really enjoy doing business with this group.

Have you wondered what happened to the old Chevy’s restaurant on Owens? As you may already know, the Mercedes Benz of Pleasanton new and used car showrooms had been separated by Chevy’s restaurant. Chevy’s closed last year, and Uwe Waizenegger, owner of Mercedes Benz of Pleasanton, purchased the property immediately. He broke ground on the new project last month, and plans to have the entire expansion completed by June of 2013.

The new, combined showroom will offer more beautiful Mercedes for customers to see and test-drive, but there is no need to worry about whether  you can comfortably visit the dealership during construction. As ever, GM Chris Waizenegger tells me that Mercedes Benz of Pleasanton has carefully planned to maintain the highest possible quality customer experience throughout all four phases of the project. I know how much these guys care about taking care of their clients, so I have no doubt that they will achieve this goal. They have surpassed the growth rate of the national Mercedes brand by providing outstanding service, and will continue to do so during construction.

Chris Waizenegger says that the number of service bays will increase from the current 28 to 50. That, along with other expansion factors, means that this 25-year community fixture will provide an even greater boost to the local economy.

This expansion project is ambitious, and I cannot wait to see the results. Renovations will include demolition of both dealership buildings and the restaurant and erection of a brand new, sleek showroom with the capacity to display 15 new cars. Showroom amenities will include a Mercedes Benz products and accessories boutique and work stations for customers. It’s going to be amazing.

Mercedes currently offers 22 beautiful luxury and sports models, from the C-class up to the limited production SLS sports coupe, and will debut several more new models soon, including a fuel-cell powered car planned for a few years out. Benz previews three of its newest 2013 models, the SL63 AMG, GL and GLK, at the 5thannual Motorexpo in New York City this weekend. Wish I was there to see that, but I’m looking forward to a hands-on experience here in Pleasanton when they arrive at the soon-to-be-even-more-awesome dealership here.

In the meantime, I try to make some time to play with the “build-your-own Mercedes-Benz” feature of their website. You should really try it sometime, and then go down and talk to the good people at Mercedes Benz of Pleasanton. Tell them your read about their new showroom here, and you might even get a personal tour when it opens. In fact, I’ll give you one myself.

To see the property, zoom in on this map. Chevy’s restaurant was in the building located between the two larger Mercedes Benz of Pleasanton showrooms.

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