guarantee logoIt’s no secret that maintaining the resale value of your vehicle is all about taking good care of its appearance and mechanics. So now that you have kept your car clean—inside and out—and have all of your maintenance and repair records, what else can you do to improve resale value? Would it surprise you if we told you that using paintless dent repair methods to restore your vehicle’s body to its original flawless appearance is essential? We didn’t think so.

Here is why paintless dent repair methods—as opposed to standard body work techniques—maintain your vehicle’s resale value best: repairs to your car’s body that are re-painted can be easily spotted by any trained car appraiser, and by many casual observers. And what does a re-painted door or fender imply? It suggests a history of collision, and that is not good for your vehicle’s resale value.

Would you pay top dollar for a car that looked as though it had been in a collision? Neither would we. Yet many car door dents and fender dings, even some that are larger, are not caused by moving vehicle accidents. They are often caused by someone else’s carelessness; a shopping cart blown by the wind into  the side of your vehicle, a child slamming open an adjacent car door in a parking lot, and other unfortunate circumstances. This type of damage obviously does not affect the integrity of your car’s body or framework, but your potential buyers don’t know that. They have to assume the worst if they are smart shoppers.

If you leave the dings and dents unrepaired, the unsightliness alone will reduce the value of your car when it’s time to sell. But if you have them repaired and re-painted, it may even go worse for you than if you had left them alone.

The obvious solution to this dilemma is to have your dents and dings repaired using our affordable, guaranteed paintless dent removal services before you sell  your car. You may be pleasantly surprised at how large a dent can often be removed using paintless methods, if you thought only very small dents could be repaired.

Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced, and can often successfully repair dents that you thought would require re-painting. So call us today to schedule your repairs, and see how much you can improve the resale value of your vehicle. It pays to keep your car looking its best—even if you don’t plan to resell it in the near future.


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