Did you know that if you repair a scratch in your paint job after any dents are removed by our professional PDR (paintless dent repair) service instead of repairing your car through a conventional body shop, you can keep your repair costs down and the results can be virtually undetectable? If you take the time to do it properly, DIY scratch repair is an affordable way to make your car look new again and maintain its resale value.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Scratched Paint Repair

Before you touch up any paint scratches on your car, be sure to start by thoroughly washing and drying your car with clean, soft cloths, taking care not to chip any paint from the scratched area.

You’ll want to have the dent removed BEFORE touching up the paint, so call Diablo Dents for a free estimate and consultation first, just to be sure you have the type and size of scratched dent or door ding that is likely be successfully removed with a combination of PDR and DIY scratch repair.

Methods for DIY Paint Repair Depend on the Severity of the Scratch

There are a couple of good methods for repairing scratched paint on your vehicle. The method you choose depends primarily on how deep the scratch is.

To Repair Minor Paint Scratches

Use a low-abrasive polishing compound with a damp, soft sponge or cloth, and gently buff the scratched area evenly in a circular pattern. Take your time to avoid removing more paint than necessary or chipping the paint. Then wash the area again, and wax your car with a quality liquid wax, buffing the previously scratched area in careful circles to protect it. Buff the wax off with a clean, soft towel, and the area should now blend seamlessly into the car’s body paint.

To Repair Deeper Paint Scratches

Polishing compounds are generally less abrasive than rubbing compound, but for deeper scratches, you may need to use touch-up paint and buffing compound.

For deeper paint scratches, buy a small bottle of touch-up auto paint with a brush to match your car’s original color, preferably from your auto dealer. Don’t skimp on generic brands if you don’t have to.

As with fixing minor paint scratches, start with a carefully clean car exterior. Use your touch-up paint brush to run a line of paint directly along the path of the scratch. Allow the paint to overlap the edges of the scratch a bit, and try to smooth any air bubbles out of the wet paint.

After the paint has dried to the touch, carefully run the edge of a credit card or other sturdy plastic edge along the repair to remove any excess paint and smooth it out. Wait at least a couple of hours for the paint to dry completely, then apply rubbing  compound to a soft, damp cloth and buff gently in a circular motion over your repair.

If you are patient and careful, your DIY scratched paint repair should be virtually undetectable, and you will have saved your budget by avoiding costly auto body shop repairs. Be sure to call Chris at Diablo Dents in Pleasanton at 925-462-1200 for an estimate on your dent repair. Our mobile dent repair service conveniently comes to your location in the East Bay to expertly repair your dents and door dings. —copyright diablodents.com, all rights reserved

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