You fell in love with your glossy black car on the showroom floor, but maintaining that flawless finish isn’t as easy as you thought it would be. You may have even tried so hard to polish it that your efforts have added swirl marks and minor scratches. Now that you know how to choose a paintless dent repair company and you’ve called us to fix your door dings and dents, we’ve got all the tips you need to restore your black car’s beautiful paint finish.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A mitt designed for car washing, and at least three microfiber cloths for drying and buffing
  2. Two large buckets filled with water, preferably distilled
  3. Garden hose with adjustable sprayer or a car washing attachment
  4. A detailing clay bar, such as “Mother’s” brand
  5. Car shampoo NOT laundry or dish detergent!
  6. Automotive detailing spray

Wash your car early in the morning or in the shade if it’s warm out, and never wash it immediately after a long drive. The paint should be cool to the touch to avoid leaving any spots on the finish. Pre-rinse the entire with the sprayer set to mist to gently loosen any dirt. If you don’t loosen all of the dirt, you may scratch the paint with your washing mitt. Strong pressure washers can scratch paint surfaces, so be patient and keep it gentle.

Fill both buckets with water. Distilled water is very inexpensive at the grocery store, and it won’t leave mineral spots like tap water can. In one bucket, add your car shampoo according to the instructions on the bottle, and leave the other bucket with plain water only.

Place the washing mitt on your hand, immerse it into the soapy water, and begin scrubbing the car in circular motions from top to bottom. Periodically rinse the mitt in the bucket of clean water before dipping it into the soapy water again. Work in sections, being careful to overlap from one to the next, ensuring that the entire car is cleaned. If the water is very dirty after you have cleaned the top half of the car, refill the buckets with clean soap and water, and rinse the mitt in running water before finishing the dirtier, bottom half of the car.

Rinse the car thoroughly with cool water, again being careful not to use too strong a pressure. Begin drying the car quickly and thoroughly from top to bottom, using clean microfiber cloths. It’s nice to have a good helper at this point so the water doesn’t dry in spots on the paint.

Next, flatten the clay bar into a pancake-like patty and rub it over the entire surface of the car. This will effectively remove road grime and pollutants that have adhered to the paint surface. This step will make the difference between a car that has been merely washed, and a car that has been truly cleaned.

There is one final step to restoring the beauty of your glossy black car. Hold your detailing spray in one hand, spray a small area of the top of your car, and immediately buff the section with your clean microfiber cloth in a figure-eight patter. Again, work from top to bottom, overlapping old sections with new, and being sure to completely buff the spray off. This is especially important when cleaning a black car, because detailing sprays contain wax filler that will help erase the appearance of fine scratches.

Your black beauty now looks awesome and showroom-new, so enjoy the drive.

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