It seems like the weather across the U.S. gets crazier by the season, and even our East Bay Area is not immune to hail at times. If you haven’t experienced a damaging hailstorm yet, we hope you never do, but odds are that you will sooner or later. Or you may take a road trip to another state and encounter a proverbial golf-ball sized hailstorm.

So what happens if your car or truck is dinged and dented by large hail balls? If that ever happens to you, you will be happy to know that many auto insurance policies pay for hail damage repairs, and paintless dent removal techniques done by a qualified professional can restore your vehicle’s body to like-new condition.

A recent freak hailstorm in Saskatoon, Canada left residents lining up at body shops and paintless dent removal centers. Even lifelong residents there, according to the Star Phoenix, had never experienced such extensive hail damage. And while some storms can actually cause sheet metal damage that has to be repainted, the majority of hail damage to cars and trucks can be repaired using paintless dent removal techniques.

The reason that you want to choose paintless dent removal and repair whenever possible is that your vehicle will look as though it had never been damaged, even five or ten years after the repairs. If you have dents and dings repaired through a traditional body shop and re-painted, eventually the repairs will be obvious. And that can reduce your car’s resale value, not to mention your pride and enjoyment of owning a pristine vehicle. Diablo Dents has been in business in the East San Francisco Bay Area community of Pleasanton, serving several East Bay cities since 1992—nearly 20 years. We’ve earned our outstanding reputation by providing outstanding results that we back with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

umbrella in hail stormNot only will our paintless dent repair techniques restore your vehicle to its former glory, but you will enjoy the convenience of our mobile service. We come to your home or office and schedule service at your convenience. Of course there are some larger dents that should be painted by a body shop, but you might be surprised at what our state-of-the-art methods can do.

So if you’re not sure whether your car dents and dings can be repaired through paintless methods, just ask. We’ll be happy to take a look and advise you honestly whether your vehicle is a candidate for paintless dent repair. Contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and schedule a time to help you.

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