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Even an old classic looks new with careful drying.

Swirl marks from washing your car diminishes its appearance, but we have a few tips to help you prevent leaving swirl marks the next time you wash your vehicle.

Before using our drying method, follow these washing steps to ensure that all of the dirt is removed. If you leave any dirt or dust, the particles can scratch your car’s paint:

  1. Thoroughly pre-rinse your car
  2. Carefully wash with high-quality products from top to bottom
  3. Thoroughly rinse the car again

After washing your car thoroughly, then dry it using our method and apply a protective barrier, your car’s paint will look new and mirror-bright.

To dry your car after washing, you will need:

  • A microfiber detailing cloth
  • Detailing spray by Meguiar’s or Turtle Wax, or other quality detailing spray

You can find detailing cloths and spray at a discount department store like Target or Wal Mart, or at an auto supply store, or online at Amazon or other mass retailer.

Begin by spraying your car again thoroughly with cool, clean water to rinse it well. Keep in mind that you may not be able to see all of the dirt and dust that can cause scratches when pushed around by a cleaning cloth, and that may have been left behind after washing.

Good microfiber cloths should be too soft to scratch paint, but just to be sure, wipe the back of an old, unneeded CD or DVD with it first to see if it leaves scratches. If it does, don’t use it on your car.

Next, spray a small area of the care with a quality detailing spray, then wipe in a figure-eight pattern, working in tight circles, overlapping new areas with previously wiped areas to cover the entire car.

Detailing spray is actually a liquid wax product that contains filler that will cover fine scratches or swirl marks, rendering them invisible to the naked eye. You’ll know that the product is properly applied and well worked-in when it becomes invisible.

Be sure that all areas of the paint have been thoroughly covered with detailing spray and wiped completely dry, and your car should now be free of those annoying swirl marks.

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