I’m in the process of filming and uploading some before and after videos showing the results of my paintless dent extraction work. Before and after photos can be Photoshopped (or ripped by shady websites, as often happens when inexperienced dent repair companies don’t have their own photos because they haven’t done any work!) But in a video, it’s a little easier for prospective customers to see that my repair techniques really do restore dented vehicles to their showroom condition.

In this first video, someone rear-ended a beautiful new Nissan Armada. The customer had taken the vehicle to the body shop for repairs. As high-quality body shops will often do, they called me first to see if I could reduce the amount of metal straightening that they would need to do.  Fortunately, I was able to repair it flawlessly to a greater extent than the body shop had expected, without any re-painting needed. This is where experience truly counts, because it takes years to learn the art of paintless dent removal well–not weeks or months.

Everyone benefited–from the customer to the insurance company.

As you can see in the video, this was a larger dent, and it was on the body line, but it was still completely fixable.

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